Cleaning Grout Between Tiles

Grout between the tiles in your kitchen or bathroom isn’t as white as it was long ago? Here are some professional tips you could use.

Grout Cleaning Tips & Tricks

Many people don’t really know what to do with grouts, how to clean them, what to use and so on. That’s why this job is often left to the professionals, and why not, at least you won’t lose your precious time surfing the internet for right ways to clean the grout. However, if you want to be a hardworking and careful person and do everything on your own, we are here to help you. Our professionals choose to entrust you with few top-notch pieces of advice for cleaning the grout between the tiles.

Basic Cleanse

grout cleaning techniquesBefore we present professional deep grout cleaning techniques, we will inform you about the proper way to clean your floors if you didn’t know it earlier. Don’t use abrasive cleaners. Sweep and vacuum. Fill your bucket with warm water and add a little bleach and mop your floors. After you’ve finished, use a dry cloth to wipe the floor until it’s completely dry. You will see, your floor will be cleaner than ever before.

Volcano technique

The good thing about this method is that you probably already have all the necessary ingredients at your home. Make a paste out of baking soda and water. Spread it all over the grouts in your kitchen, spray vinegar over it and use a brush to scrub it until you make a little volcano. Your grouts will be as good as new.

No vinegar – no bleach technique

Even though most professionals could swear on the cleaning effect of vinegar and bleach, some of them aren’t very fond of these supplies. If you think vinegar or bleach will damage your grouts you can use no vinegar-no bleach technique. This method includes grout sealing at least once a year, and gentle scrubbing with ph neutral product and fine brushes on a weekly level. If this doesn’t help, you can use grout restorer products for deep cleansing. Demanding but still working technique.

Toothbrush technique

If you’re asking yourself what is this technique you should know that it isn’t anything more than vinegar or bleach method but with the help of a toothbrush. Use an old one or buy a new one, if you want better results you can also use your old electric toothbrush.